Streams of running inspiration


I absolutely love running in the snow–though I prefer it to be on a mountain–but I know a lot of runners would rather not brave such weather. If you happen to be snuggled indoors this weekend and are looking for something running related to watch, Amazon Instant Video, Netflix, Vimeo, and YouTube have you covered. And I have taken the time to curate some helpful lists!

If you are wanting to go the free route, YouTube is your best option. I have created a few playlists on my channel with full length running documentaries and Runspiration shorts. You can access those here: Coach Brandi’s YouTube Channel

Vimeo also has great running videos some of which are free and some are Vimeo on Demand which you can rent or buy. I have two collections setup: Running (free to stream) and Running (Vimeo on Demand).

If you have a subscription to Netflix, there are a handful of movies available. Netflix rotates titles so something that is available today may not be available next month. I have collecting what is available now on a Pinterest board here: Running Movies on Netflix Streaming.

But the real mother load of movies is available on Amazon Instant Video. Some are free with a Prime Membership and others are available for rent or purchase. Amazon rotates titles as well so some of these may not be available for free with Prime or in some cases at all, unfortunately. I have a collection of all the movies I could find on a Pinterest board here: Running Movies on Amazon Video.

So there you go! Hours of running inspiration to keep you entertained this weekend. Did I miss anything? Leave a comment and let me know if there is something you think I should add to any of those collections!