The long road to (injury) recovery

I was going to post a quick little update about my injury rehab appointment today then realized I haven’t checked in about it since February! So a tiny bit of updating seems necessary.

Catching up

In January, that dreadful sneeze knocked back my progress and I had to stop running for a few weeks. By February, I was able to start back with run/walk intervals. I worked up to 3-5 miles, 3 times a week by the end of the month. As I started to get back to running, my physical therapist decided that I was well enough to continue without her so we stopped our sessions. I was doing PT stretches daily and strength 3 times a week.

By mid to late March, I was starting to try a little speed and was disappointed that it seemed to aggravate my back and neck. I really needed to start getting my mileage up to train for Broad Street Run and the Brooklyn Half so I decided to stick to all easy running and just focusing on upping my mileage. I was still seeing the acupuncturist once a week and I think that was the only thing holding things together. I continued to have back and neck pain regularly which he relieved enough weekly to keep me functioning and running about 20 miles a week by the end of the month.

By April, I had worked my way up to 90 minutes of running on trail. I felt like I was still battling my back and neck and barely holding it together so I scheduled a weekly massage in addition to my weekly acupuncture. Things seemed to be getting better with the first session, but then it was just a steady decline. By the time I got to Broad Street Run on May 1st, I was still running about 20 miles a week, but felt like I was on the verge of relapse. I was at my wit’s end.

While at Broad Street Run, I had three teammates talk to me about seeing a chiropractor. I was hesitant, but desperate. I scheduled an appointment the day I got back to NYC. I found one in Midtown that had treated an elite marathoner and has massage therapists, acupuncturists, and trainers on staff. I saw her 2 days later.

A new approach

The first appointment didn’t have me so convinced this was the right route, but she made enough sense that I was curious. She gave me a number of interesting exercises to do including a gait retraining exercise because evidently my left side isn’t “firing” as I run. I did the exercises religiously and was excited to get a little relief for some of my issues. I was able to work my way up to 30 miles a week, but my neck continued to bother me. I started to wonder if maybe the massages were doing more harm than good since my neck seemed to be bother me most in the days after the massage. I decided to cancel my next massage. On my next visit to my chiro, they recommended the same without me mentioning that I had cancelled!

My neck started to feel better but the Sunday before the Brooklyn Half I headed out for my last long run and ended up cutting it short because of what I thought was achilles pain. I was really apprehensive about seeing the doc the next day, concerned that the gait retraining may be causing other issues. But after just 10 minutes in the office, they had figured out the issue, gotten me relief, and adjusted my plan. By the time I got the Brooklyn Half five days later, my calf pain was gone and my back and neck felt fine the entire time. My longest run since my marathon and my injury. And I felt great!

Today’s news

So that brings me to today and my initial motivation for my post. Today I saw the clinic trainer for the first time. I saw the doc first and she analyzed my gait again. Improvement! I am now loading the lazy side at 15-20%. Amazing. My back and neck have been feeling great, too.

Next I saw the trainer. We went over all my chiro stretches/exercises, PT stretches/exercises, and my marathon strength training. He was able to point to a few exercises that could have been aggravating my back. He also suggested some replacement exercises. He corrected my form on a few things to engage more muscles. (I wasn’t really doing anything wrong, but there were improvements that could be made.) He also complimented my plank form and mentioned that I was lean with good muscles. He took some video of me performing exercises and played them back so I could see my form. I’ve never seen myself workout! It was kind of cool to see my muscles being all strong!

He encouraged me to add back some of my strength work since I had dropped all of it when I started with this new doctor. I am so excited to be well enough to strength train again! I finally feel like I am closing in on full recovery and may actually be able to really train for this 50k. I’m trying to be cautiously optimistic so that I am not too bummed if things start heading in the other direction again. Just being able to run 30 miles a week and do strength training is amazing though considering I wasn’t even able to run three and a half months ago. So grateful to have so much support not just from my doctors, acupuncturist, and now trainer, but all of the wonderful friends who have offered advice, an ear, and a shoulder. I feel so blessed and hope to look back on this time proudly after I cross the finish line of my first ultramarathon in October as a masters runner!


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