Marathon Training: Weeks 7-9

I can’t believe another 3 weeks are gone. I’m having a hard time keeping up with the blogging. Between work and social obligations and training and then being sick for a week and a half, it’s been pretty crazy.

Going into week 7 I was feeling confident because of my “bunched” runs on Saturday that added up to 17 miles. I had set a goal for myself to get in two full body circuits and at least cycling session in, but only managed to get in one circuit and no cycling AGAIN. I was really want to get on track with the cross-training this week and even posted about it (on Facebook) for accountability. “I don’t want to get to the finish line and wish I had put in the extra 2-4 hours a week.”

Week 8 went totally off the rails because I caught a cold that I had a hard time shaking. I just couldn’t get the rest that I needed to recover. I’m on a big project at work and my absence could really slow down the work we are doing so even though I was home for the week, I didn’t get much rest.

By week 9 I was starting to feel better and get back on track. I still wasn’t getting in the cross-training because I was trying to ease back into training. I started considering whether I should consider adding a day of easy running since I can’t seem to get motivated to hop on the bike at all. I decided that if I don’t get on the bike in week 10, I would reach out to the coach and see if adding mileage would be reasonable at this point. I’m a little concerned because coming off of the 20, my glute/hip is still bothering me and now my knees (actually my quad tendons) are starting to bother me, as well. My training paces are supposed to jump in week 11 so plan for week 10 is just to try to rehab the glute/hip and knees and get in a good, solid week of training.

Week 7 workouts

Sunday: I had an off day because of the double run on Saturday.  My right glute had some pain after the second run which continued into today. Nothing that I didn’t think couldn’t be stretched out.

Monday: Rest day

Tuesday: Skipped my run in the morning because of a storm and instead did an hour full body circuit. Decided to take a long lunch and get in my run after the storm. (And after a hard workout this morning.) Temp was 77-80 with heat index 80-84. Humidity was mid 70s. Needless to say, trying to hit my pace (9:00) for the first 3 threshold miles was dumb and felt horrible. I actually considered cutting the run short and taking a cab home. Second half I just kept telling myself one more mile, backed off the pace and ran based on effort, and ended up in a much better place. Not sure why I thought I could hit pace on the first half, but whatever.

Week 7 Tuesday
Short story: Sucky mid-day hot and humid threshold run on tired legs. 1 mile warm-up + 3 miles @ threshold (9mm) + 1 mile recovery + 3 miles @ threshold.

Wednesday: Rest day

Thursday: Much cooler morning and 5 miles easy came very easy after I was warmed up. Broke out some new shoes since my current long run shoes are about to hit their mileage.

Week 7 Thursday
Easy is relative and evidently it takes me 3 miles to warm-up when it is a little cooler out. 5 miles easy on this lovely morning-low 70s and low humidity. Broke a new pair of shoes out of the box and they are soooo bright! 😎😍

Friday: Rest day

Saturday: Another Summer Streets group run. I need 50 minutes easy and 40 minutes at marathon pace (9:37). Weather was warmer than the week before, but not horrible. I got in just over 8 miles and felt great the entire time. After the run, we did brunch then I came home and got ready to head right back out. Went to Long Island for a birthday party and in the evening started to develop a sore throat. Thought it might be allergies.

Week 7 Saturday
So much fun this morning running the streets of Manhattan with these babes! We had an 18 miler, two 16 milers, I ran almost 9, and our 3 other ladies picked up 5. 50 mins easy + 40 mins @ marathon pace (9:37) was on my plate. Kicked it off by running over the WillyB bridge into Manhattan, UK Lafayette then Park, passed Union Square and Grand Central up to 63rd then turned around and headed back to Union Square. Phew! And it was a hot one this morning!

Week 8 workouts

Sunday: Headed back to Brooklyn. Was feeling like I might be at the start of a cold so I decided to postpone my 5 miles easy to Monday.

Monday: Definitely sick. My throat felt horrible and I was concerned that I may have strep. Stayed home from work and tried to rest, but ended up working most of the day.

Tuesday: Low fever and really disappointed that I was going to have to let the Sunday run go. First workout that I have missed in my training! Also skipped this morning’s workout which was speed workout that I was actually excited to do. 1.5mi warmup, 3 x 1mi @ 9:00/mi with 1 min recovery, 4 x 150m @ Hills with 150 m recovery, 1.5mi cooldown.

Wednesday: Felt a little better, but still sick. Decided to just let the Sunday and Tuesday morning workouts go and not try to make them up. Just wanted to focus on recovering so I could get in my long run on Saturday.

Thursday: Finally feeling well enough to run a little bit, I headed out for 3 easy miles. Had 6 on the schedule, but knew I should come back slow. The last mile was a struggle.

Week 8 Thursday
Three easy miles on the back side of a cold. I’ve been sick since the weekend and had to skip two runs this week. Cut today’s in half and it was still a struggle at the end. Hoping to get my long run in on Saturday. Most of it is supposed to be at threshold, but I just don’t see that happening!

Friday: Was supposed to be a rest day, but decided to get some light conditioning in. Didn’t do anything to strenuous, just some clams, calf raises, etc.

Saturday: Decided to get my 9 miles in easy instead of the 2mi warmup, 1 x 3mi @ 9:00/mi, 1 x 3min @ 10:46/mi, 1 x 1mi @ 9:00/mi, 3mi cooldown. Was also looking forward to this workout and bummed that I had to skip the faster intervals, but grateful to be able to run at all. Ran with the group again and got in one bridge crossing (Brooklyn Bridge).

Week 8 Saturday Group
Another awesome long run with these gals (plus a dude this time)! Started in Williamsburg, ran over Brooklyn Bridge, down the East side along the East River to Battery Park then up the West side along the Hudson to 14th street. Nine miles total for me this morning. Didn’t get in any threshold miles, but was happy to just get in the distance since I am still a little sick.
Week 8 Saturday
Such a great morning for a run! This was at about 3.5 miles in as I was crossing Brooklyn Bridge and when I was just starting to feel a little warmed up and confident. Not a bad place to kick it into gear!

Week 9 workouts

Sunday: Did 7 miles easy over two bridges (Pulaski and Queensboro) with two running pals. One of them was putting in her longest mileage to date and it was her first time over the Pulaski and Queenboro bridges. I was grateful that I was able to join her as she kept me moving. Still not fully recovered from the cold yet.

Week 9 Sunday
A little over seven miles this morning over the Pulaski and Queensboro bridges into Manhattan and then down almost to the Williamsburg Bridge. It was Val’s first time over those bridges AND her longest ever run–15 miles! Felt blessed to get to share the last 7 with her. You did great, lady!

Monday: Rest day

Tuesday: Couldn’t seem to shake the sniffles from my cold and was definitely not feeling 100% again yet. So I decided to not do speedwork and instead did the same mileage (6.5 miles) at an easy pace. I got a late start and it was already 80 out with significant humidity, but I focused on keeping it easy and got it done. Average pace was slower than normal (~10:45 for easy), but I felt good the entire time and just wanted to make sure to get in the miles.

Week 9 Tuesday
Can’t seem to shake the sniffles from my cold and am definitely not feeling 100% again yet. So I decided to not do speedwork this morning and instead did the same mileage (6.5 miles) at an easy pace.

Wednesday: Rest day. Should have gotten in a full body circuit and bike ride, but was wanting to be conservative since I still wasn’t fully recovered from the cold.

Thursday: What a difference two days can make. Surprised myself a bit with how easy my six miles felt. And my pace was spot on or better! I still have some lingering sniffles and I didn’t sleep well the night before, but that didn’t seem to matter. Maybe it was the weather? It was a lovely 70 degrees out with low humidity.

Week 9 Thursday
What a difference two days can make. Surprised myself a bit this morning with how easy my six miles felt. And my pace was spot on or better! I still have some lingering sniffles and I didn’t sleep well last night, but that didn’t seem to matter. Maybe it was the weather? It was a lovely 70 degrees out with low humidity. Can’t wait for Fall! 🍃🍂🍁

Friday: Rest day. Preparing for my 20 miles on Saturday. Watched a lot of UTMB coverage. 🙂

Saturday: 20 miles today! Got my first 10 in the morning with a couple of friends. Did 2 bridges (Pulaski and Queensboro) and finished in Central Park. Felt good after warming up and finished strong. My knees started bothering me a bit after the run and I was nervous about glute/hip which has continued to bother me a bit since the 17 mile double two weeks ago.

Second 10 miler was not as good. I wasn’t thinking and ate a burrito as my pre-run meal. Bad idea. Had GI issues pretty much the entire time. I also didn’t fuel properly during the run. I definitely should have been taking in more carbs. I did one almond butter and one maple syrup and just wasn’t enough. I was able to pull it together in the last mile to finish strong, but it definitely wasn’t a great run.

Week 9 Saturday
And that’s 20 miles. I’ll spare the details. Last my mile was my fastest on both runs. Really glad I only have one more of these split days on the schedule.


Lessons learned this evening: 1) A burrito is NOT a good pre long run meal. Just trust me on this one. 2) Chafe on top of chafe is painful especially in areas of constant movement like your underarms. 3) I have an amazing ability to find strength in adversity. Then lose it about 30 seconds later only to get pissed off and find it again a minute later. 4) I can run 20 miles in one day and not die and finish my last mile strong. And THAT was the best lesson of the day.


Week 7 total weekly mileage: 21.86 miles
Week 7 total training time: 5 hours and 49 minutes (Runs, post-run yoga, and strength training)
Week 7 long run mileage: 8.26 miles (half at marathon pace)

Week 8 total weekly mileage: 19.22 miles
Week 8 total training time: 4 hours and 54 minutes (Runs, post-run yoga, and strength training)
Week 8 long run mileage: 9 miles (half was supposed to be threshold)

Week 9 total weekly mileage: 32.52 miles
Week 9 total training time: 7 hours and 2 minutes (Runs, post-run yoga, and strength training)
Week 9 long run mileage: 10 + 10 = 20 miles (two runs)

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