Marathon training: Week 3

Week 3 done, 15 to go! I feel like this week was actually 2 weeks because of how much I packed it into it. It was a busy week, for sure, and I am proud that I was able to mostly stick to my plan.

On Sunday, I got in my 3 mile recovery run after my Saturday long run. It was uneventful and in moderate conditions–75 degrees with 61% humidity. After the run, breakfast, and a shower, I headed over to the spa for my first ever massage. It was a 60 min sports massage, most of which was spent stretching. She managed to work out the glute/hip issue that I have had for the past week or so. Once she got to the actual massage, she told me that my legs feel like they are in pretty good shape (likely because the 15-20 minutes of yoga that I do after every run), but my back is all kinds of tight and out of whack. She recommended a deep tissue massage to work the kinks out of my back.

Monday evening I did a nice full body circuit that included some single leg deadlifts. I really need to work on these more. It was evident that my ankles and hamstrings could use some strengthening.

Tuesday is a quality workout day on my training schedule which the past two weeks has been speed work. This week it was a marathon pace run. Three miles at marathon pace, one mile easy, then another three miles at marathon. It was 76 degrees out which was warm, but not brutal. The workout took an hour and eleven minutes which is a bit long to fit in before work, but I made it work since the evening was going to be much hotter. That day at work I was pretty sleepy from 4 consecutive days of workouts.

Seven miles before breakfast. Three at marathon pace, one easy, then three more at marathon. 76 degrees and 51% humidity… Not too bad for this time of year, but still hot!

Wednesday I should have done a circuit and a bike session, but skipped them. My hamstrings were still pretty sore from the deadlifts on Monday so I gave them a bit of a rest. That night I saw Foo Fighters at CitiField and indulged in some booze and got to bed a little late.

Waiting to get onto the field at CitiField to watch the Foo Fighters with my buddy.

Thursday morning I headed to the cardiologist to discuss the results of the exercise stress test and the two weeks of heart monitoring. She told me I am low risk for the marathon so I am cleared to run! That was an awesome way to start off the day. I was a little tired from the night before so I got in a nap before joining a friend for a nice big lunch. I headed out that evening at sunset for my 4 miles easy. The temp was close to 80, but it was super low humidity so it felt great. I surprised myself with how good I felt during the run given the shenanigans the night before.

Four easy miles at sunset. I was concerned about this run being horrible after the rock show last night, but it felt easy. The view and weather sure didn’t hurt!

Friday is my official rest day and that morning I headed out early for the airport to fly to Chicago to visit some dear friends. I was going to try to get my long run in right after I landed so I didn’t have to worry about it Saturday, but my flight was late and by the time I got to Chicago it was already pretty hot. I tried to stay on point with nutrition and hydration as much as possible that day, but it was challenging since I was on vacation. I managed to do pretty good, but knew that I would feel the couple of drinks that I had during my long run the next morning. I did manage to get to bed at a reasonable hour and get a full 8 hours of sleep that night.

Saturday morning I got out the door before 8am and it was already soooooo hot. The temp was 86 with 74% humidity making it feel like 93 degrees! My schedule called for 20 minutes easy, 40 minutes at marathon pace, and 20 minutes easy, but somehow my recollection was 50 minutes at marathon pace so I got in extra 10 minutes in the crazy heat. I ran in Humboldt Park which provided some shade, but not much. I ended up creating a little loop that stopped by a water fountain that was constantly running with nice cold water. Every other loop I would pause for a few seconds to wet my face and hair. The heat was brutal. I was so relieved when the run was finally over and I got to walk back to the house. On the way back though, I was followed by some creepers in a van who hollered at me and circled the block. (I was staying on the edge of a “rough” area.) So creepy. I hopped into a gas station for a few minutes then headed back out down the opposite side of the road and didn’t see the creepers again. Back at the house, sweat was literally running down my arms and legs because of the heat. So gross.

Almost 8 miles in Humboldt Park in Chicago. And it was HOTTTTTTTT. 20 min easy, 50 minutes at marathon pace, then 20 minutes easy. My pace was off by 30-40 seconds for most of the run, but that was to expected in this type of heat. I was just glad for it to be done!

Sunday I was supposed to do 4 miles easy, but decided to postpone until Monday. Sunday was supposed to be just as hot, I didn’t want to risk another run in with the creepers, and I wanted to enjoy myself on Saturday and not worry about my nutrition or having a couple of beverages with my friends. That morning I slept in and it was glorious. That evening just after landing in NYC, I finished the book I have been reading about the NYC Marathon, “A Race Like No Other.” I totally recommend the read for anyone who is planning to run (or who has run) the NYC Marathon!

This photo contains some of my favorite people in the world! Had an awesome time in Chicago visiting these peeps.

Total weekly mileage: 21.9 miles
Total training time: 5 hours and 46 minutes (Runs, post-run yoga, and strength training)
Long run mileage: 7.9 miles

Stay tuned here for next week’s recap. You can also follow my training throughout week on my Facebook page and on Instagram!

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