Go your own way

After almost a month off, I tried to get back to running with two super slow and short runs only to have my calf pain return. I was frustrated and ready to head to physical therapy. But something inside of me felt like I should give myself chance and I decided that for two weeks I would try to get back on track on my own with consistent conditioning sessions and a slow return to running. I am almost to my two weeks and I am happy to report that not only has my injury not returned, but tonight I had a great run.

In the past 10 days I have gotten in five solid conditioning sessions and 3 slow and short runs (2mi, 3mi, 3mi, in Z2). The conditioning sessions have included reverse plank, side planks, forearm plank, clams, calf raises, squats, glute bridges, and one leg balance. I have also been doing calf stretches multiple times a day. Each of my runs has been followed with my typical 20 minutes of yoga. I have seen consistent and significant improvement in my pace in Z2 over the past 5 runs this month and my fitness returning more quickly than I anticipated.

I am cautiously optimistic that I am back on track for training. And pretty proud that I was able to get myself back on track with my own program, if that is the case!

On the run
I’ve missed this so much

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