Recovery and the holidays

Well, it’s been almost two weeks since my last race. After the race, I knew I needed a break and that it would likely be at least 7-10 days before I should run again. I shot an email to the sports doc and never heard back so Dr. Google has been my guide during recovery.

I got a little conditioning in last week, but then did nothing over the week and the beginning of this week. Between holiday prep and not being able to run or climb it was difficult to find motivation to keep up the normal conditioning routine. For the past two nights I have been massaging my calves and doing some calf raises (3×10). They are feeling okay, not too sore, and I think I am ready to up the exercises. According to Dr. Google, once I can do three sets of 20 calf raises without pain I am ready to incorporate some running back into my training. So the plan is to massage and slowly up the exercises until that happens. I also want to get back on track with the rest of my conditioning and possibly throw in some (flat and fairly slow) cycling. I contacted my climbing gym to have them freeze my account until I return so there is no rush to get back on the walls aside from a 10-pack of visits that I purchased to another gym that expires at the end of February.

It’s interesting how not training will affect you. For the first week, I had all kinds of little aches and pains in different places. I have enough experience to realize that those weren’t real injuries, but my body healing itself. For the past week, my body has felt good aside from that melting feeling you get when you aren’t training. Mentally, I was okay for the first 7 days or so. After a week though, I really started to miss running and climbing. Being off of work for the past week hasn’t helped that much either. One of my favorite things to do on days off is to day run or climb. The weather has been so gorgeous excluding Christmas Eve which adds to the longing, I am sure. But I want to do this right and not come back too soon.

I want get some good base training and cross training in over the Winter so that I am strong for marathon training next Summer. I am even considering a personal trainer. According to how base training goes, I am also considering taking on a running coach. I already have a cardiologist referral from my doctor to get my stress EKG and a full panel ordered to make sure I am healthy enough internally to take on this distance. By the time I run next November, it is likely I will have an entire support team! I have plenty of friends that took on a marathon with self-training. There is something about this distance though that makes me feel like some support is a smart thing especially given my injury-prone past.

Luckily I have plenty to distract me while injured. I had friends visit last weekend then spent the beginning of the week doing holiday related things. Next week I’ll ring in the new year with friends which I am very much looking into. My best friend wants me to take her climbing for her first time so I am hoping my calves are up to it by then. If not we will have to settle for a gentle hike which hardly seems like settling!

Hope everyone had a lovely holiday and has a wonderful new year!

Happy Holidays! xo Brandi
Happy holidays! xo Brandi

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