Injury woes

And so it continues… my knee continues to be angry and I continue to try to train just enough to finish my last three marathon qualifiers safely. I got in two runs last week–a 3 miler and 4 miler. It’s my lowest mileage in months if you don’t count the 10 days I took off for recovery. On Tuesday of this week I headed out for an easy 5 miles. The knee was feeling okay before the run, during the run it was great, but after the run it felt horrible. My usual post-run yoga routine plus some foam rolling of my quad helped. (I think the rolling more than the yoga.) But by the time I had commuted in to work it was angry again. Yesterday it was bothering me even more. I RICEd it last night. Then today I broke out the old knee brace and wore it to work. This evening it continues to ache. I plan to do some conditioning exercises and roll out my quad again in addition to RICEing some more.

I ended up adjusting my training schedule earlier this week to be super conservative for the next few weeks. The plan was to get in the minimum miles that would make me feel confident for the 15k. I was supposed to run 2 miles today and decided it was better to postpone since I have a marathon qualifier on Sunday. I’d rather rest it and struggle a little during the race from deconditioning than go out and push the knee more and end up not able to run at all. It’s a delicate dance that I’m doing now between trying to stay conditioned enough to run these races while not injuring myself further.

I will definitely be taking time off after the 15k if my knee isn’t healed by then. It will be difficult mentally, but I can’t afford to have a perpetual injury going into the new year. In January I had planned to cut my mileage and focus on base building so taking time off shouldn’t be too big of a deal right now. Better now than going into marathon training already bashed up.

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