On the injured list

For the first time since August 2013, I have been injured and not able to run for 7 days. My knee had been a little upset in the days leading up to last Saturday’s race (race report coming soon) and I pushed for and achieved a PR in that race. The day after the race was the NYC Marathon and I was on my feet walking or standing and cheering for about 6 hours. After I got home on Sunday evening I noticed my left quad was pretty sore from pulling the weight from my sad right knee. Needless to say, by Monday I was in pretty bad shape.

My commute in to work is 3 flights down, .6 mile walk, 2.5 flights down, 5 minute train ride, 1 flight up, a very tall escalator spanning 4-5 flights, another flight up, a walk down a long platform, 5 minute train ride, then 2 flights up, another even taller escalator (it has to be at least 6 flights), then a .25 mile walk to the office. The commute home is all of that in reverse. I stayed home on Monday and Tuesday to avoid all of the walking and stairs.

When I left the house on Wednesday I felt good for the first half of the commute in, but considered coming back home by my transfer point. I ended up going ahead and heading in and iced my knee a few times at work. I had hoped to run that evening, but by mid-day it was apparent that wasn’t going to happen. Such was the pattern for Thursday. By Friday I had resigned myself to just trying to get in my Saturday morning team run. I wasn’t feeling well today so a run was out of the question.

I am now hoping to get out the door tomorrow. I have a 15k (9.5 miles) on 12/14 and my longest run since the half marathon in mid-October has been 5 miles. I am a little nervous about being properly trained for the 15k. I don’t intend to race it for a PR or the other two 4M races before it, but I do have to finish all 3 races for my guaranteed entry to the 2015 NYC Marathon.

I had hoped that a week off wouldn’t mean too much of a loss of fitness, but my SportTracks is showing that my fitness level has dropped to lower than it has been in 4 months when I did the 5 mile race and started training for my 10 miler. I haven’t been doing anything this week–not just not running, but no yoga , climbing, or strength/PT exercises either. Hopefully getting back into my normal routine will get me back on track quickly!


SportTracks Training Load
SportTracks Training Load

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 8.00.57 PM

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